KNOWLED Air Tube Light AT200Bi

KNOWLED Air Tube Light AT200Bi




Rental AT200Bi KNOWLED Air Bi-Color LED Tube Light by Anamorphstudio

Portable, practical, and adaptable, the 4′ AT200Bi KNOWLED Air Bi-Color LED Tube Light from Godox provides soft and even illumination in diverse and challenging conditions. Its color temperature ranges between 2700K and 8500K with color accuracy ratings of CRI/TCLI 96, ensuring the right shade to correctly render the moment. The light also comes with eleven built-in special effects for scenic and dramatic lighting situations.

For nuanced lighting control, the AT200Bi comes with four dimming curves: linear, s-curve, exponential, and logarithmic. Brightness is adjustable, moving fluidly from a complete dim of 0% to full brilliance at 100%. Multiple control options make operation versatile and intuitive, whether using DMX512, the Godox Light app via Bluetooth, or the optional 2.4 GHz wireless remote control. The light is rated IP65 for protection against both dust and water.