Surely you’re gonna enjoy its size and equipment both for film and photo realization.We’re flexible when it comes to renting our studio, to overcome every challenge, that is why there is a possibility of personal arrangement of our place.

  • We have the space and it is 700 sq. m
  • We have the 1000 sq. m/free parking
  • We have the make-up station room.
  • We have the 1 freight elevators and a ramp for bulky props.
  • We have the 750KW three-phase electricity.
  • We have huge range of videography and photography equipment.
  • We have the highly qualified staff.
  • We are open 24/7.
  • And in case you’re wondering – yes, we do have a coffee machine.
  • We have pretty much everything which a creative mind would need to thrive and carry through their ideas.


Studio / Space A 1 Hour 100 BGN No Vat / STARTING 2 HOURS

Studio / Space  B 1 Hour 100 BGN No Vat / STARTING 2 HOURS

Studio / Space C 1 Hour 100 BGN No Vat / STARTING 2 HOURS

Studio/ Double Space  1 Hour 150 BGN No Vat / STARTING 2 HOUR

Studio/ Full Space  1 Hour 200 BGN No Vat / STARTING 2 HOURS

Prep day  1 Hour 60 BGN No Vat

Wrap day  1 Hour 60 BGN No Vat

Cleaning 150 BGN No Vat

The rental of the studio starts from its opening until it is closed

Advance payment / Excludes props and electricity


Here you can bring to life any of your ideas and work on a variety of projects: feature films, television series, commercials, music videos. Come and see for yourself what makes us one of the best industrial film studios in Sofia Bulgaria!


Camera, Grip, Light, Lenses
Every filmmaker and photographer that uses Anamorphstudio will have the advantage of using 50% discout in Anamorphstudio-Rentals. Rental house for cameras, lenses, lighting, grip, crew and more.


Each area of this studio has been designed specifically to be as versatile as possible. Giving you the capability to shoot in every area of the studio or turn any set into the space you desire. Every space of our studio has been set up with multi-use capabilities.


Whether you need a space for a group session, headshots, editorial, or product photography, Anamorphstudio is functional and adaptable enough to accommodate a wide range of photography needs. Having the ability to control every aspect of the studio from full color changing ARRI SkyPanel Cyclorama lights to zoned temperature controls, you’ll have few limits when it comes to getting the most out of this space.



Anamorphstudio set design team can create anything and anywhere you have in mind for your video.
Builds – whether you want a 90s bedroom, a recording studio, a dingy changing room, or anything else – we can make it all in anamorphstudio, at affordable rates, pre-lit for your arrival.
Contact us with your requirements, and we guarantee you’ll be blown away by the results.


Anamorphstudio is adjacent to the Sofia center. At over 700 square meters the space is ideally suited for workshops, lectures, film screenings and small art evening events with a capacity of 60 people. We strive to make Anamorphstudio accessible and affordable for the art wider community, especially for local artists and creatives. We welcome all types of art and music events and are open to collaborating with artists and agenc to create unique experiences.